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Within Metro Vancouver District, Garage Doors White Rock is pleased to offer installation of residential garage doors, garage door openers and repair.

Faulty garage doors are a common phenomenon. With so many small parts and components, they can develop a problem fairly quickly. Many times, garage doors have minor problems that can be handled by the user itself. But there are parts that require expert attention. At Portes garage doors White Rock, pay special attention to door servicing and repair. We also offer new doors from major manufacturers and also undertake new garage door installation.

Solving Problems in Garage Doors since Decades

If your garage doors may not function in the exact manner it should. We encourage homeowners to help themselves with minor servicing and repair. This way they can save cost and precious time. For example, regular servicing involves lubricating, minor dent removal, track alignment and opener cleaning. These tasks do not require high technical know-how.

Hacked Garage Door Security Codes

Often times, people prefer to install similar models in the neighbourhood. The chances of having similar garage doors in two adjacent houses are quiet high. So, the security codes can be also similar as default settings come pre-programmed. This causes your door to open and close when the neighbour operates his/her door. Similar codes cause your door’s receiver to operate simultaneously. This effect is similar to accidently receiving police frequencies on car radios. This issue can be solved by changing the opener security codes and settings.

Read the manual well before changing the codes. Wrong operation can lead to non-functional door. Call a professional if you do not understand garage door opener settings. As a general rule, the transmitter should be held close to opener and change the settings. Most modern openers come equipped with an automatically changing security codes that provide maximum security.

Sensor Malfunctioning

If your garage door does not open completely, the sensor may be detecting an obstruction in the path. This safety mechanism is called anti-pinch system and is supposed to save humans that come in the path of opening/closing. The opener reverses the operation as soon as it senses the obstruction. Make sure the path of the sensor is clear and the beam is straight.

Clear the lens of the sensor. The beam has to be straight and join the other beam in complete coherence. Also, the sensors may be misaligned causing the straight path to bend. Condensation can build up in the lenses due to rainy weather. The power source for the opener should be stable and not fluctuate. If you cannot find the source of the problem, call White Rock garage door services.

Professional Garage Door Repair White Rock

We offer a host of garage door repair services British Columbia. With a large number of brands including hundreds of models, we cover every type of door. We have a trained team of experts that have repaired and installed doors all over Canada. Our doors come with the latest security features. Reliability and sturdy construction are the hallmark of our products and services. We also provide emergency garage door repair White Rock.

At Garage Door Specialists, we carry a wide array of great and durable garage doors to reflect your home style,

For emergency, we are reachable 24 hours / 7 days.

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