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New garage door installation Abbotsford can be quiet confusing. There are a large number of brands and their subsequent models to choose from. Homeowners today have an extremely wide choice of garage doors. Automatic doors having remote control function are becoming increasingly popular. We at, Portes garage doors Abbotsford, offer all the major door models of well-known brands. Contact us to install a new door or repair your existing door. How to Choose New Garage Door Models Market is filled with huge variety of garage door models. From sectional door to up-and-over models, homeowners are bewildered by the sheer number of doors. But at the same time, if you do a little research and follow certain guidelines, choosing a door becomes easier. Our experts give consultation to homeowners on how to buy a garage door. Here are some guidelines you can follow: Types of Door Drive Mechanisms
  1. Screw-drive system: In these garage doors, the lifting apparatus of the door uses a lengthy rod for linear motion. This system has least moving parts and thus requires least parts replacement. The body of the system is located near the garage ceiling. Screw-drive systems cost around $200.
  2. Chain-drive system: It involves a metal chain and a set of metal tracks that lift the door up or down. This is the most widely installed system and costs under $150. However, chain drive is noisy. The entire neighbourhood will know you have left home.
  3. Belt system: A belt drives the garage door up and down. The mechanism is located near the ceiling and thus a lot of headroom is liberated in the garage.
Garage Door Power Options Motor must have sufficient power to lift/move the door. Ideally, a ½ HP motor is recommended for residential purposes. A motor with higher rating is likely to last longer but will increase operating costs. Look for a ‘Soft’ start and stop motor. It offers quiet operation and increases operating efficiency. Safety Features All the garage doors come with safety features. If they sense an obstruction, the opening/closing operation is reversed. This prevents possible injury. Some garage doors come with electronic locks that prevent thefts. Safety alarms can also help ward off burglars. Computer-controlled mechanism ensures that door is opened or closed in minimal time. In case, there is no power, a manual safety latch can help operate the door manually. Portes Garage Door Services Abbotsford All the doors we have in stock come with latest security features. From remote control to approach lighting, we make sure that our customers enjoy all the latest features. We also provide garage door parts including springs, openers, rollers, chains-drive, belt-drive, panels, metal tracks etc. All the products are genuine and come with comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer. Our technicians have experience in handling all major faults in the doors and related equipment. Portes garage door repair Abbotsford offers world-class professional services at affordable prices. All our packages can be customised to suit our customer’s needs. Call us now to know more about repair and installation pricing. You can rely on our staff experience to install your residential garage door or repair it if it get stuck, off-track or if cables or wires are broken. Either for an emergency or regular repair request, Garage Door Specialists will ensure a prompt service.  24 / 7
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