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Thinking about installing a new garage door? Need replacement parts for your existing door? You have come to the right webpage. We at, Portes Garage door service Burnaby, deal in all major brands of garage doors plus spare parts. Our technicians have the right know-how to deal with major performance issues. Visit us now to discover a huge range of design and style options.

Garage Door Installation – Which Type, Style and Design?

Style of your garage door is a direct reflection of your personal self. There are many styles of garages that can complement your home’s exterior. Remember, you have to choose a door that blends in well with the current architecture of house. Garages can take up almost the entire front view of the home. Most people prefer to go in with light colours that area easy on the eye. You can also buy panels having wood-grain finish to match with your exterior wooden doors.

Modern doors with fibre panels are light-weight alternative to traditional wood or steel doors. You can match these panels in various styles including Tudor, Spanish, Ranch and Cape. Wood Composite is also emerging as the premier choice among homeowners. These light materials allow users to install a less power-hungry door opener.

Door Fit and finish – Professional Realm

Installing a new garage door is not usually a Do-it-yourself project. There are many complex measurements and components that need the hands of a professional. To ensure proper fit and finish, it is vital that you consult professionals.

Garage Insulation

Insulating a garage can offer increase security as well as lower your heating/cooling costs. Garages are the largest square-footage in your home wasting enormous amounts of energy in heating or cooling. A well insulated garage will decrease such expenses. Polystyrene panels are highly resistant to extreme changes in the weather. Or you can spray polystyrene foam in the hollow panels to increase their insulation rating. We offer pre-insulated doors to our customers in British Columbia.


When it comes to materials, you have to be extremely careful. Choosing the right material determines a host of other features. Most people prefer to install doors made of aluminium and steel. Lighter materials like fibre-glass and aluminium are more prone to dents and breakage. Polystyrene is a good material for insulation but is not suitable for harsh climatic conditions. Fibreglass is an excellent choice for coastal areas since they repel salt-water corrosion. Steel and wood are sturdy, reliable and heavy-duty materials. Wood doors can be cut-out to any shape as per owner’s desire. Metal panels increase weight and are prone to rusting.

Portes Garage Door Service Burnaby

The right door will act as an extension of your home. It will offer form with function. Our experts will help you choose the perfect garage door for your home. We understand that you have to install a door within budget. So, we offer completely customized garage door service Burnaby solutions to your needs. When you do business with us, we make sure that you do not compromise with quality. Call us to get in touch with our customer representative and know more about our services.

An emergency?  Call us immediately.  A Garage Door Specialists qualified repair crew will be sent to your home.  24 /7.

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