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Perimeter Arm Barrie

Instant reversing, continuous duty motor, with overload protection. Heavy duty across the line reversing contactor on/off Power switch with open/close switch on control panel pre-wired to accept radio controls. Reversing equipment, loop detector systems, automatic closing timer. From 12 to 20 feet wishbone style arm 12 gauge enclosure with lockable cover.

Driveway Gate Operator

Driveway gates are made from a variety of designs and materials (durable steel with the look of true wrought iron, aluminum metals, and much more). Driveway gates can be made as swing gates or sliding gates according to specific requirements. These gates can be controlled remotely from the convenience of you car or home along with an intercom system.

Trolley Operators

Typically used for standard lift sectional doors, trolley operators are available in light, medium and industrial-duty. Also available low profile apartment house operators.

Jackshaft Operator

Used on rolling grilles and shutters as well as rolling doors. Also designed to use on industrial sectional door.

Heavy Duty Jackshaft Operator

Model DJ is an industrial-duty jackshaft operator with an internal door lock sensor. It features a removable hinged electrical box cover, a continuous-duty high-starting torque motor, industrial ball bearings on the output shaft and a universal-mount frame design.

Trolley Operator

Heavy duty operator for industrial sliding doors. A continues heavy duty 1 HP motor with a manual emergency disconnect feature.

Jackshaft Operator

Used on any door with a shaft, sprockets and chain as a driving element. Can be installed on high lift, vertical lift, but also on specially adapted standard lift sectional doors or rolling doors and grilles. Mounted on either side of the door.

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