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Easy reachable location in Metro Vancouver, Garage Doors Langley specializes in installation and repair of residential garage doors.

Garage door industry is dominated by a large number of brands. Each one of them manufactures a lot of sub-models. Homeowners are confused the moment they enter the warehouse. The right professionals can guide them. At Portes garage doors, we help homeowners and businesses select the perfect door as per their requirements. We encourage homeowners to ask questions about the best garage door repair Langley in order to serve them better.

How to buy the Perfect Garage Door for you Home

An average individual does not have much knowledge about the garage door options, let alone the components. We understand that owner just wishes to install a reliable door that offers protection to his family. Our experts can pay a visit to your home and take stock of the situation. We help you chose the right door that goes well with your home’s exterior vision.

The first step towards buying a garage door is to set your budget. Rest everything will fall in place. Garage doors start from $500 and go up to $10,000. Custom made garage doors can go even further. As you go higher in the price range, you are offered features like finger-print scanner, automatic beam sensors, remote operation, text message alert etc. The price alone is not the only criteria to influence door purchase decision.

Wooden Garage Doors: Modern garage doors are made from a variety of different materials. Wooden doors are the most visually appealing of the lot. Nothing beats a well-crafted wood garage door. They can be made from reliable woods including Hemlock, Cedar and redwood. All these woods are rot-resistant and offer protection against weather elements. But wooden doors are very expensive, require annual maintenance and need special openers for smooth functioning. When buying wooden doors you should understand your local weather and chose suitable wood type accordingly. Invest in good quality paint as well.

Steel, aluminium and fibreglass doors are the next best options. Composite materials are also making their mark into the garage door realm. These doors are high in strength and durability factor. The galvanized steel frame is maintenance free door that will last for years to come. Prefer steel panels with minimum 25 gauge rating. Steel does not offer much in terms of insulation. This can lead to heavy energy losses for the garage. Nowadays, garage doors come with insulation layers in between panels. Polystyrene foam is added to panels to increase insulation properties.

Various Styles of Garage Doors

Carriage style or rolling garage door? Selecting the style of the garage door is not difficult. You will just have to choose as per the space available. If the space is less, you will have to install a rolling garage door. There are hundreds of styles of doors available in the market. Take along a professional and you will select a door within minutes. Give due consideration to your home’s exterior architecture. The garage door must not stand out from the rest of the home.

Call our experts for your garage door repair Langley. Our courteous customer representative will guide you on the right path.

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