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Southwestern of B.C., Garage Doors Pitt Meadows believes in quality and efficiency when it is time to acquire, install or repair residential garage door.

Modern garage doors come with their own baggage of accessories and features. From automatic operation to remote controls, these doors are the perfect choice to complement your contemporary home. Visually, these doors occupy a third of your home’s front facade. So, exercise extreme caution while purchasing the right door for your garage. Portes is a name synonymous with high-end garage doors in British Columbia.

Exclusive Garage Doors – Hundreds of Models and Thousands of Styles

Even before one decides the material and security features, the visual appearance of the doors takes precedence. Looking good is the only criteria for some people! And we do not disappoint. So, we offer a huge range of models that come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Come visit us today to choose your perfect door from a hundreds of different models.

And when we say style, we take it to our heart! We offer:

  • Spanish Style garage doors
  • Wooden Carriage Style Doors
  • Fiberglas overhead doors – Contemporary looks
  • Modern doors with windows
  • Custom Doors

The traditional style garage door is used since many years. Here, one large piece slides into the garage ceiling. Carriage style doors are also getting increasingly popular. These open from the centre and are one-piece door. Wood is the most preferred material of construction for such doors. Another popular choice is the raised-panel garage doors. These consist of multiple panels that each folds individually into the ceiling above the garage.

Contemporary Garage Doors – For the Modern Homeowners

Contemporary home architecture is gaining steam. These homes use a variety of different materials for the exterior look. For example, glass for the railings, steel beams, fibreglass etc. So, you have to choose a matching garage door as well to suit the exterior. Aluminium frames come in handy here. They are light-weight and can be made in any shape and size. Tempered glass can be added to aluminium frames further customize the doors. Glass windows on the edges can also be added.

Security and Strength

The material of the garage door determines the strength and security of the door. Steel and wood offer high security and sturdy built. But these can be tough to maintain. Every season, users have to repaint or apply the primer to maintain them in pristine condition. Security features of the garage doors should also be a key deciding factor.

Pinch finger mechanism is a must have security feature. If the door senses any obstruction in the path, the opening or closing mechanism is stopped immediately. Matching a good garage door opener is also crucial. Openers come according to the power rating. A low rated opener will not be able to lift a heavy weight gate. All the components must be in complete harmony to ensure flawless operation for years.

Portes garage door service Pitt Meadows provides repair, replacement and parts in British Columbia. Our network of trusted agents makes sure we reach out to you for 24X7 emergency garage door repairs.

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