Garage Door Panel Repair and Replacement

when it comes to garage door issues

Garage door repair Toronto services are often searched for by the residents when it comes to garage door issues. But most of the times, it is seen that these services can be avoided if the people do some garage door service themselves. They can look after many aspects of the garage doors. Some of them include spring replacement, panel replacement, opener servicing, electrical components etc. But out of these, panel replacement is the most vital.

Garage Door Panel Repair and Replacement

Garage door panels will themselves let you know about any replacement or repair. This is because they are right in the front! So, you will notice any visual differences like dent, scratches and broken garage door panels. But one solace is that the garage door replacement Toronto is an easy process. Replacing opener or the spring is a difficult task in comparison. Purchase some extra garage door panels when you are buying your garage door. This will ensure that you have a spare whenever there is a need to replace panels.

Finding Garage Door Replacement Panels

Contact the garage door manufacturer company to get original spares. There are many third party garage door replacement companies that sell high quality panels. You can also contact the contractor who installed the garage door a tour home. While buying the garage door panels, you have to ensure that the model number and the material is the same as the original ones. The garage door manufacturers will most likely try to sell you a new garage door. Steer clear of these sales persons. A simple panel replacement will cost much less as compared to a brand new garage door installation Toronto.

Removing Old Garage Door Panels

Garage door panels are usually fitted into a rail and slid among each other. They may be screwed together or bolted to hold them firmly in place. Sometimes, panels are attached using a spring side bolt to the garage rail. Such panels are connected with a hinge on each side of the garage door. You can start by removing these hinges and remove the panels in between. You may have to remove all the panels in between to reach the damaged panel. Keep all the other panels carefully. Do not damage the garage door rail while removing faulty panels.

Installing New Garage Door Panels Toronto

Insert the new panels into the garage door rail. These new panels can be slid from the top of the garage door. Insert from the track side to ensure smooth movement. Bolt the new panel in place. Now, add the panels removed earlier into the rails. Complete the earlier patterns in the exact manner to finish the job.

Lift the garage door back up all the way. See if the new door is a bit heavy for the opener to open. If the material is right, it won’t be such as issue. If all goes well, reattach the springs to the door. Put the opener power back on and check the opening/closing mechanism. Congratulations, your DIY garage door panel replacement Toronto job is complete.

Garage door Toronto professionals are experts in garage door issues. They can complete the job in hours and with complete professionalism. Avail their garage door repair Toronto services and know the benefits.

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