Garage door opener repair tips

Garage door opener repair tips – Why to hire professionals and avoid DIY jobs.

Garage door opener repair tips – Why to hire professionals and avoid DIY jobs.

As far as garage door repair or garage door service is concerned, we do not recommend DIY. But, at times, very small and minute problems may occur in garage door opener. Those could be dealt by the house owners without the help of the professional companies. Some of them are being discussed in this article.

If you use one garage door that doesn’t need the assistance of a professional compny, then, you will be able to fix the small problems that arise without reaching for the help of the professional companies. In the case if your garage door is broken, and if you feel confident that you can fix it by yourself, you can do it. But, on the other hand, if you think that you may not be able to DIY, then call the professional company or expert in your area without second thought.

Here are few situations that could be dealt with at home.

Trouble 1: Garage door does not open

Occasionally a garage door doesn’t open. It is not a big problem. When a garage door operated with a remote control operator doesn’t open, then, the problem could be with the remote control. so, there is no need to worry about the garage door opener, or spring or cable. You should check that the remote control sends proper signal and it has sufficient power to send it. Sometimes the receiver will not eeceive proper signal due to faulty installation.

You can check the track if you sense a problem with the remote. The track may be blocked by some obstruction. If this problem with the remote control could not be fixed, then the garage door opener must be replaced.

Trouble 2: Garage door does not close

In another occasion, the door may open but will not close. Then the problem could be with the beam sensor. Integrated beam sensors are fixed in the new designs of garage doors which will tell whether any object is obstructing the channel of the signal. This is a safety measure to prevent something being crushed.

Check whether the installation is done properly, if you find the problem with the beam sensor. If it gives false indications, them, your garage door will open but, will not close.

Trouble 3: garage door makes a squeaky sound

Chain-driver garage doors make much noise than garage doors using belts. When the garage door

makes some squeaky noise and other vibrations, then, it is better to check the belt and chain to find out the problem.

Unless and otherwise you are confident  that you may fix the problem at home and have sufficient tools, either the problem with the garage door opener or a general door repair is difficult to handle at home. If you don’t feel confident that you can fix the problem yourself and may waste time in fixing it, the never hesitate to call the professional company that provides all service needs and solves all types of garage door repair.

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