The Secret to Maintaining Wooden
Garage Doors in Canadian Weather

not only strong but extremely beautiful as well

Garage doors play an essential role in any residential or commercial complex. Homeowners mostly go for those garage doors that not only solve the option of durability but are also good looking. This is the reason why people mostly opt for wooden garage doors. They are not only strong but extremely beautiful as well. They add a unique sense of style to the house.

One problem with garage doors is that timber can be damaged due to severe weather if it is not maintained. Wooden garage doors require a lot of maintenance. However, rarely do people know about the right techniques to maintain their wooden garage door. This is the reason why are providing you with some widely followed maintenance methods that are employed for garage doors. They are as follows:

  • De-moisturize – Wooden doors are badly hit by moisture. Hence to make it resilient against it, homeowners can make use of a penetrating oil-based stain to protect the door’s exterior from moisture and UV rays. This stain also helps to improve the look of the door by enhancing the grain appearance. This oil-based stain can be easily applied with a brush, a roller or a sprayer. But, make sure you don’t overdo the stain because if it remains wet, it will attract dirt etc. 
  • Insulate – Proper insulation of a timber garage is very important in order to maintain heat during winter. Thus, for that you can employee a foam sheet or board to insulate walls and ceiling of the garage. Insulating the door however really does the trick. It adds to the extra warmth and subtracts digits from the power bill. 
  • Paint – Wooden finish of the garage door is one of its kinds. Therefore one must make efforts to maintain it. In case, you don’t want to stick to the wood colour anymore, then you can paint the garage. For painting, choose an oil based paint over a water based. You can also apply a coat of primer before giving painting the door. Primer gives a unique base for the paint to settle down in a better way and also increases the life of the material. 
  • Lubricate – Lubrication is essential for any mechanical device. The same applies for garage doors too. Effective lubrication on all the major movable parts of the garage like hinges, rollers, tracks, springs etc. can really improve the functioning of the door. Moreover, lubrication is to metal parts what food is to the body. They cannot do without it. Make use of dust free lubricating oil as they do not attract dust thus enhancing the life of the parts.

No doubt a wooden garage door is a very stylish and beautiful option over contemporary garage door options. It is also true that they require a lot of maintenance. Timber products cannot do without regular upholding. Hence, before you decide to spend your bucks on a lavish wooden garage door, be prepared to spend a little time with it to safeguard it.

Call us to know more about the aspects related to wooden garage doors and how you can maintain them. In case your door suffers a major breakdown, then contact our garage door experts and get your door fixed within no time!

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