Quick Garage Door Repair Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

many tips homeowners can make use of

A garage door is an extremely important mechanical device fitted in your house. Hence, it is vital to ensure its maintenance and safety so as to keep it in working condition. There are many tips homeowners can make use of when they are set to work on their garage doors.

Although professional help in such cases is unmatchable, but if you feel like doing it on your own, then there are plenty of things you can do. Following are some worthy protocols regarding the main parts and practices related to a garage door that you can follow:

  • Cleaning – Try cleaning your garage door on regular intervals. Generally, it is advised to clean the outside surfacethe door several times in year. In order to do this, you can make use of a soft brush, water and an extremely mild detergent to avoid any permanent stains. This practice of regular washing will not only decrease the build up of debris but will also prevent it from aging prematurely. Also, it is advised to avoid the use of salt to melt the snow since it corrodes the hardware of the door. Keep the surface around the door clean. Sweep any unwanted item like leaves and debris.
  • Lubrication – All mechanical parts require some kind of lubrication in order to work efficiently. The same implies on the garage door also. Lubricationof the movable parts of the door should be on the top of your maintenance strategy. For this purpose employee a light lubrication oil. Also, make sure that this oil does not attract any kind of dust, as this again will deteriorate the working of the door. Hinges, rollers, springs, tracks are some crucial parts that cannot do without lubrication.
  • Noisy Opener – A noisy opener isn’t a new term for homeowners having garage doors. Everybody knows the fact that after a regular use, the opener becomes a bit noisy and sounds loud.However, rarely do people understand this indication.This is actually a sign that the door is out of balance. In such a scenario, pull the emergency handle once the garage door is down. Then, lift up the door and close it to check the balance of the door.
  • Closing Problems – Garage doors are equipped with many safety features that aid their automatic closure. Hardware problem causes fault with door closing operation. Misalignment of the sensors is the culprit here. Sensors are nothing but small devices attached at bottom of the track. These sensors should be in each other’s peripheral vision in order to function smoothly.Adjusting the sensor’s positioncan solve this problem. However, seek professional help if the problem persists.
  • Opening Problems – A fault with opening mechanism of garage door point towards a host of problems. The most common being the spring. A broken spring prevents the door from opening. A bad motor unit can also do the same. If you think that the motor is the culprit then test it. To do so, unplug it from the electrical outlet and attach a ‘test adaptor’ into the outlet to check electrical power flow.

A garage door is a very useful invention. However, to enhance its life it is important to take proper care of it. By following the above practices from time to time you can definitely ensure that your door works great. In case of any serious issues, you can contact us. We, at Garage Door Specialist, are a leading name in Toronto for garage door installation and related services.

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