Maintenance of Garage Doors

something that will be on your itinerary each year

Maintenance of garage doors is something that will be on your itinerary each year. At the end of the day, you got to keep your garage in the best possible shape as it keeps your vehicle safe from severe weather and thieves, and also beautifies the appearance of your home.

Proper garage maintenance will assist you to stay away from sudden malfunctions that in some way or the other may bother you. In addition, by protective maintenance you’ll surely cut down the chances of spending cash on expensive repairs. This ensures that it functions well for the assigned duration of time, since you need to alter the springs after six years as they have a restriction of about 10,000 openings. You need to have your garage door analyzed by professional services, such as garage door services in Vancouver on a periodic basis since it’s the biggest moving object besides being the most risky ones in your houses.

A garage door looks quite ordinary; however, it’s the most sophisticated system. The door has pulleys, cables, strings and an opener that work together to lift and then lower a garage door weighing approximately 300 pounds.

Broken spring

A common problem associated to garage doors is a spring that’s broken. Generally, springs last from anywhere between five to seven years before they require replacement. If you reside in a cold climate, the springs can get worn even faster. Other issues that are quite common include stripped gears, squeaky hinges, and debris and liquid that cover the photo sensors. All of these can result in the garage door from not shutting properly.

To ensure that your garage door operates smoothly, use a tiny amount of silicone spray to lubricate the tracks. If you add a lubricant, such as petroleum jelly to the lower part of the door seal, your garage door will not stick to the ground when it gets cold below freezing.

Testing your door

Testing your garage door is very simple and can be performed within a few seconds. First of all you need to disconnect the door from the motor. After having done this, try putting it halfway up and then halfway down and let it remain there. Irrespective of whether your door is electric or manual, it should be able to remain halfway up as well as down without falling off. In case the door falls down or shoots up rapidly, there can be issues related to balancing. While the door is moving up, ensure that it hangs evenly on both the sides. Also, note that if the door is a manual one, you shouldn’t find it extremely heavy to be moved.

When should you call a professional?

You need to take up the services of a professional, such as garage door services in Vancouver in case of the following problems

  • Spring balance: In case you feel that there are some issues with spring balance, you need to call a professional. The springs help the monitor to raise and lower the door. If you decide to balance the springs on your own, the problem might get aggravated.
  • Force adjustment: A professional can check out any issues with force adjustments. When the door comes down, it needs to pop back up in case of any resistance. Your car and your family remain safe with force adjustments.
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