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East of Vancouver, we offer residential garage door service of installation and repair of garage door. Newly built homes are an asset. A brand new garage door enhances the visual appeal of your home. Also, it increases the real estate value of your home. Choosing the right door can take days. There are many brands and sub-models to choose from. At Portes garage doors, we have a large stock of doors with modern security features. All the major brands can be found under one roof at Port-Coquitlam garage doors repair and servicing. Garage Needs – Doors, openers and Accessories Garages have to be built with extreme care. There are numerous components that complete a garage. The right door must be matched with relevant door opener. If the weight of the garage door is not suitable for the opener, you will incur losses on the repair and replacement. There are a number of door openers available in the market. The major ones include:
  • Chain driven opener
  • Belt driven
  • Screw driven openers
How to Choose Garage Door Openers Chain drive openers are the most economical and widely used openers. They are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. They come in a variety of ratings and can handle large doors with ease. Any powerful motor can be matched with the door. These openers are known to be rugged and sturdy that can handle extreme weather conditions. High noise is the only downside to these openers. Screw driven openers are the most efficient of the lot. They are also preferred by many due to the low noise and quick operation. Here, the lifting mechanism is moved on a steel rod (threaded). Myriad horse power motors can be combined with these openers. Thus, they are suitable for a wide range of applications – both commercial and residential. Belt driven models are known to be extremely quiet. The rubber belt does not make noise during the opening and closing operation. But the belt is known to wear out pretty fast compared to other models. They are also less powerful compared to other models. Garage Door Parts Replacement Services Port-Coquitlam Skilled homeowners take matters into their own hands. They know the workings of the garage doors. They understand the science behind doors and make the most of their skill. Do-it-yourself garage projects can save you tons of money. But they should be limited to minor servicing and repair jobs. Such tasks including lubricating the parts, track alignment etc. Serious issues like spring replacement and opener installation must be handled only by the experts. Comprehensive Garage Door Services Professional garage door repair services in British Columbia provide a host of repair, parts replacement and new installation. The experts take few hours for new installation and also undertake quick repair jobs. Our emergency services are very popular among Port-Coquitlam residents and businesses. All our services are priced keeping in mind the budget of the homeowners. These services can be customized according to the customer’s preferences. Call us now to know more about our garage door repair services. Our customer representative will be happy to send a team of experts within hours.
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