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In suburb of Vancouver, Garage Doors Ladner installs and repairs residential garage doors.

A building or remodelling project, commercial or residential, involves garage door. We make sure your project goes smooth by offering premium garage door installation Ladner services. At Portes, we have all the major garage door brands and their sub-models. Take a good look at all the models and you will definitely find the most suitable garage door for your home’s architecture. Call us now to know more about available brands.

Garage Door Parts Replacement

Garage doors need repair and upgrade from time to time. Weather conditions, regular use and faulty equipment can damage the fragile components of the door. Naturally, you will need to replace the damaged parts. Sometimes, skilled homeowners who have the knowledge, take matters into their own hands. They undertake Do-It-Yourself garage repair projects. For this they need original replacement parts, tools and manuals. Contact Portes garage door repair company British Columbia to get all the parts at discount rates.

Old garage doors do not offer much in terms of functional features. They have only the basic open and close functions. Back in the days, the garage security features were unheard of. So, many homeowners feel that their doors are not up to the mark when it comes to security features and performance. Modern doors offer much more in these terms. But you do not have to replace the entire door to get swanky new features. We can install modern equipment in old doors making them survive the tide of time. Here are some of the features that we can integrate within the traditional doors:

  • Automatic opening with remote control
  • Electronic openers with time-set feature
  • Laser beam activation for closing and opening
  • Light-weight panels of polystyrene and aluminium
  • Insulation to save energy costs
  • Safety Alarm
  • Automatic lighting

New Garage door Installation

We offer a wide range of brand new garage doors offering latest security features. These doors are high on technology and offer superior performance. These top of the line doors come in a variety of fit and finishes. We also offer doors that are manufactured with four layer insulation. The outer layer of double galvanized steel offers protection from natural elements. Users can opt between polyurethane and polystyrene for insulation purposes. Besides thermal protection, they also provide noise reduction and energy savings. Simulated wood patterns can be designed on your doors to match with the natural architectural tone of your home.

Budget Garage Doors British Columbia

Not every customer can afford to install high-end doors. But this does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality security features. Our affordable garage doors are comfortably within everyone’s budget. Unlike high-end doors, they require minimal maintenance. Carriage style garage doors are the most widely chosen doors by average households. These budget doors are easy to staining, sealing and painting due to their simple construction. Such doors also provide three-layer insulation sandwiched between two galvanized steel layers.

Our affordable garage doors are offered with all the necessary security features. Contact us now to know more about our entire range of garage doors Ladner. Our sales representatives are eager to listen to your garage door concerns.

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