Jammed or Impaired Garage Doors

assist to save you high costs on replacement

It’s surprising to find people going for costly replacement if something happens to break down instead of hiring a professional for the repairing work. A professional repair firm, such as garage door surrey, can assist to save you high costs on replacement even if you are faced with some stubborn issues that seem very frustrating.

There could be many reasons for your garage door not operating in a proper manner, or getting jammed. Some of these reasons have been discussed below:

Poor installation

The installation of garage doors has to be carried out with the highest degree of accuracy and the slightest mistake while carrying out the installation work can lead to an inferior performance or a total breakdown.

Inferior quality products

Due to the fact that a huge number of products are available at present in the market, there are individuals who are drawn into purchasing products that are of inferior quality. This results in a breakdown immediately after the installation or maybe a little later.

Rail and Roller

Some common issues of impaired garage doors are guide rails that are misaligned or broken or bad rollers. This result normally from jammed rollers or incorrect installation of guide rails.

Breakdown of openers

Another common issue related to the repair of garage door is the breakdown of the opener. Having both electrical and mechanical parts to it, there is a tendency for openers to breakdown quite often. The reasons are inferior quality and too much usage

Parts run dry

A majority of mechanical parts require lubrication in order to run smoothly. When these parts run for a longer duration of time, they have a tendency to deplete their mobility levels as a result of which they get jammed.

Issues of wiring

Cables and wires tend to fray with respect to time. This could be dangerous and could also cause breakdown too. Proper attention has to be given for using high quality or standard cables that would sustain as well as have less chances of getting frayed.


Most garage doors open and close with the help of railings while sliding on. Besides holding the door panels in position, the guide rails also allow them to open and close with the help of rollers that are glued to these panels. Too much of pressure can result in the guide rails falling out of their alignment. This results in a jammed or stuck door.

You are advised to take the help of garage doors in Surrey for any kind of repair work. This will give you peace of mind as well as enough protecting for your loved ones and yourself.

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