Portes Garage Door Weather Stripping Services – Seal Your Garage from Outside Weather

Want a weather and dust-proof garage? Most of the contemporary garage doors are built robust to withstand continuous use and adverse climatic conditions. But still, the door gaps and cracks somehow reduce the efficiency of your garage. In order to maintain that, you need to install weather strips to keep dust, pest, snow, air and water out. These vinyl rubber door seals play a vital role in maintaining the temperature within the garage.

Portes Garage Door Repair Weather Stripping services ensure that your garage door performs its duty i.e. protecting your valuables from dust, rain, snow and critters efficiently. We provide quality weather stripping services in all the major Canadian cities at highly competitive price.

Types of Weather Stripping:

  • Top and Side Weather Stripping – This type of seal is installed between the door jamb and the door to prevent the gap.
  • Bottom Boot – This is installed at the bottom between the door and the floor while it’s closed to prevent air, water, dust and pests from seeping inside.

Bonus Features of Weather Stripping:

  • Weather sealing makes the door quieter and you are allowed to access the door even in the middle of the night.
  • The room above the garage stays warm in the winter.
  • The critters are prevented from entering your garage and spoiling the valuables lying inside.
  • The temperature within the garage is maintained and it also minimizes the cooling and heating expenses.
  • Weather sealing also protects the door edges and bottom along with their surrounding materials.
  • Well insulated doors are efficient, reliable and durable.
  • It prevents the need to refinish the jambs and headers frequently.

Weather Stripping Process

Our garage door specialists will reach your place and take the required measurements of your garage door. We will offer you advise about how you can make your garage energy-efficient and shrink your energy bills. Our technicians will provide you with an accurate estimate of the entire weather stripping job. They will install high quality weather strips along the top and sides of the door.

The bottom section of the door is also sealed properly to keep the critters, water, dust and other outer elements out. Our professionals will ensure that the whole project is completed without any physical and property harm. We implement safety measures as we care for you and our technicians.

Why Choose Us For Weather Stripping Services?

  • Fast and professional service
  • Complete replacement options of PVC stop moulding and weather stripping
  • Avail energy-efficient garage door
  • Professional grade products
  • Quality weather strips for better and long-lasting performance
  • Flexible U – shaped vinyl weatherstrip
  • PVC weather-stripping
  • Services backed by warranty
  • Quality service and installation

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