Garage Door Repair and
Maintenance Tips for the Homeowners

save you a ton of money

Garage doors can be neglected over the years. Until they break down! The true worth of the garage door is realized when they break down or develop problems. Years of humble services, weather and human errors can take a toll on the garage door performance. These issues can damage the garage doors. You can take preemptive steps to prevent these problems from ever creeping up.
Garage door repair Brampton can not only prevent your garage door but also save you a ton of money in repair expenses. Here are some of the tips that professionals of garage door repair Brampton.

Garage Door Masonry

  1. Start by addressing the problems in the foundation. Look for cracks at the bottom of the garage door. Fix them by adding concrete at suitable places. Cinder blocks can also be sued to fill cracks. Sometimes, you may have to gouge out the smaller cracks and make them wider to accommodate concrete.
  2. Take the same concrete and fill other cracks in the garage floor. For larger sections, use a jackhammer and then fill with cement.
  3. Make sure that the garage door track on the floor is properly attached. It must be aligned as well.

Garage Door Panels

  1. Garage door panels take the most beating. They are most affected by the weather changes and regular operation. Check for general damage to the panels or fading panels. This can lower the visual appeal of your garage door.
  2. Check for other signs of damage such as dents, broken panels and gouges. Metal garage doors are damaged more often. Rusted and rotten garage door panels are the most common issues. Remove the panels that have rusted beyond repair.
  3. Holes in the garage door panels can be repaired by placing small metal pieces either behind or front of the door. Attach these metal plates using bolts or welding.
  4. Aluminum garage door panels are light weight. You can replace steel garage door panels with these lighter alternatives.
  5. In case you have wooden doors, use suitable wood filler to repair doors. Also, paint the wooden garage doors and polish them from time to time. This can avoid the general wood issues. Wood moldings can also be used to cover small holes.

Garage Door Tracking

Garage door sensors should be in proper alignment. These sensors are located at the top and bottom of the garage door and emit a beam. This beam determines the opening and closing action of the garage door. Misalignment and obstruction in this beam can cause abnormal operation. Use a scale to ensure that the beam is not interrupted. Other electrical components of the garage door must also be inspected properly.

Garage door opener is a vital component. It supplies the opening and closing power of the door. Naturally, its weight lifting capability wears over time. Also, any extreme settings can cause the door to jam. Opener settings must be set to manufacturer’s recommendations. Tempering with the opener can void warranty. Prefer soft DC motor openers for smooth and silent operation.

Garage door repair Brampton professionals advise homeowners perform regular maintenance of their garage doors. Such practices can save money and keep their doors in pristine conditions.

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